Winter Fashion Trends 2016 – 2017: Top Fashion Experts Share Their Must-have Items For This Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and if there’s one season you need to prepare your wardrobe for, this is definitely winter. Top fashion experts have brought together the best outfit ideas and must-have fashion trends for chic winter wardrobe essentials 2016-2017. Women’s Fashion Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Cristy Guy ~ I am wardrobe stylist, makeup artist and founder of

Top 10 Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try In 2016

Halloween Makeup Ideas 2016 Halloween makeup still bothers you? Did you choose your perfect Halloween costume yet? Do you need a cool and easy to make makeup to match you irresistible Halloween look? Looks like you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 10 Halloween makeup ideas to make you look spooky and sexy. # 1. Pokemon Pikachu

Cupping: Ancient Therapy, Anti-Aging Properties

Cupping: Ancient Therapy, Anti-Aging Properties Are you looking for an anti-aging treatment that is noninvasive? Something that doesn’t require surgery or a long recovery time? Then cupping therapy may be just what you are looking for. What in the heck is CUPPING, you ask? This anti-aging technique is an ancient therapy that can rejuvenate your

Top 9 Misleading Beauty Adverts That Were Banned

Beauty commercials seem too good to be true. Dailymail selected top 9 misleading cosmetics commercials that got banned! And here they are: #1 Clairol Nice ‘n’ Easy hair dye TV commercial for Clairol Nice ‘n’ Easy hair dye was banned by the The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) due to the advert ‘misleadingly exaggerated the capability of the product’. The commercial showed

Anti Aging Creams: Ignore These Elements

While searching for reviews of one anti-aging product, I stumbled upon this article. Anne Marie shared with us her top cream ingredients to look for and to avoid. I was really SHOCKED when I read about the bad stuff some anti-aging creams contain. I’ve spent all night checking my cosmetics for harmful ingredients and ….OMG almost all


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