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An animal is the sexiest and simplest Halloween makeup look. You don’t need to spend a fortune or have excellent makeup skills to create a stunning animal makeup look. You can even wear casual clothes – animal makeup will do the charm.

When it comes time to choose a Halloween costume, I always hesitate till the last moment. I always end up wearing my sexy black dress and cat makeup. Catwoman is the easiest Halloween costume ever. You don’t need anything special – any black outfit and a cat makeup. You can even wear black leggings and a black sweater, it’s still fine.

This year, I decided to try something new. I still prefer animal costumes, because it’s cheap, easy and always trendy. I found these 10 AMAZING  animal makeup tutorials that you will LOVE:

1. Easy Deer Makeup

This is the easiest deer makeup tutorial I’ve ever seen. Isn’t she adorable? You need minimum makeup tools to create this cute deer look. This tutorial is absolutely great and easy to follow.

2. Tiger Makeup

This tiger makeup looks absolutely gorgeous! If you are after scary animal makeup, you should definitely try this one. You’ll be queen of the jungle. I know, you think you need to be an artist to recreate this beauty. Good news – it’s super easy to make and you will only need eyeshadow, contacts, face paint, brushes and eyelash glue for the whiskers. This tutorial is very crafty and clear.

3. Bunny/Mouse Makeup

This animal makeup is not only super cute, but super easy! Bunny/mouse last minute makeup will save your Halloween night.

4. Wolf Makeup

This is a really easy last minute Halloween makeup tutorial. Wolf is beautiful and powerful animal. So if you always dreamed of a wolf look, follow this tutorial. You need minimum of makeup and skills to recreate it!

5. Super Colorful Unicorn Makeup

All the fantasy and color gathered in this trend of unicorns and of which you can now be a part.

6. Sexy Cat Makeup

If what you are looking for is a very sexy look but that is simple, then this cat makeup is for you. Yo can see more ideas of cat makeup.

7. Butterfly Makeup Ideas

A very different and at the same time versatile look you have with this butterfly makeup that you can apply in a wide variety of colors.

8. Incredible Bear Makeup

Show off your fierce side by choosing a bear makeup that you can complement with a pair of stuffed ears to give that distinctive touch.

9. Professional Zebra Makeup

If you have enough time to invest in your outfit then you can try this very professional zebra makeup.

10. Easy Lion Makeup

And finally I could not miss one of the options preferred by all, the lion makeup that is perfect for all occasions.

Why do you have to choose one of this animal makeup options?

Because this is the best selection of animal makeup that you can easily create in your home, you do not need to be a makeup professional to get these amazing results, the only thing you need is to select the option that best suits your tastes and A little time to follow a series of simple steps.

What do you need to create this amazing animal makeup designs?

In most cases, to get your animal makeup as close to the images you have in this section, you do not need special products since almost all of them use makeup colors and shades that most women have as part of of its base products, however, to get results that really surprise your friends, you can buy this special and very cheap face paint kit in Amazon.

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