The 5 Best REAL Human Hair Extensions For Black Women From Amazon

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Hair extensions are loved by many black women, and I am not an exception. I want to have a long beautiful hair that is easy to style and to take care of. I buy all types of hair extensions, clip in hair, curly hair hair extensions, straight hair extensions, but it should always be natural human hair with no chemicals. Just like many of you, I shop for my hair extensions on Amazon. I am sure, you had a lot of really bad buys. Don’t worry, you are not alone. I’ve spent a fortune before I found hair extensions that looks and feels just right. And I have to be honest with you, if you think that Amazon bestseller is some kind of a guarantee of a high quality product that is simply not true. So I decided to share with you my top 5 best Amazon Hair extensions for black women. This is my personal experience.  And even I had good experience with those extensions, it doesn’t mean you will do. So please read reviews carefully before buying anything.

Curly Hair Extension from Amella Hair

This is my all times favorite hair extension. It’s 100% unprocessed virgin Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair which comes in 3 bundles 95g-100g (3.3-3.5oz) each.

What makes this curly hair extensions from Amazon so special? It’s high quality. It is literally the best wave hair I’ve ever bought. It’s silky, soft, and has no chemical small or tangles. It has very light shedding. The color is very natural. It’s rather dark brown than black. This hair bundle is really well priced. Comparing to the other hair extensions in this price range, it will be hard to find a batter quality bundle.

I was truly surprised with their customer service. These are the nicest people I’ve spoke to on Amazon. They tried to please me in any possible way and make sure my experience was pleasant. The delivery took only 3 days to the US. Go ahead and check more customer reviews, pictures and videos of this bundle.


  1. High quality
  2. No smell
  3. No tnagles
  4. Shedding lighter than usual
  5. Good price


  1. Rather brown color than black

Straight Hair Extension From Cynosure

This is another brand from Amazon that I love. Just look at these amazing customer videos. These hair extensions are gorgeous. It’s also 100% Brazilian virgin hair, straight. It comes in 3 bundles. I usually buy this hair extension when I want straight silky hair.

This hair looks really natural, there is no chemical smell, it’s soft and silky, no tangles. However, there was shedding after some time. So you will have to seal your wefts to prevent it. Otherwise, you will be really disappointed after a few weeks.

Even though this hair extension from Amazon has 99% of positive reviews (and the hair quality is really superb), you have to take an extra care to prevent shedding.


  1. Soft and silky
  2. Full
  3. Beautiful color
  4. No chemical smell
  5. No tangle


  1. Shedding

You can read more customer reviews with pictures here.

Wavy Hair Extension from Iwish

This is another 100% Brazilian Hair extension I often buy. This is the best cheap virgin hair at this price point, but the quality is really good. You won’t see much difference comparing to the more expensive options. This hair is soft, it has no chemical smell, deep black color, and double weft to avoid shedding.

The customer service was really nice and helpful. Delivery was super fast. This is the best hair extensions for black women on a budget!

You can check pictures and read reviews here.


  1. Soft
  2. No chemical smell
  3. Deep dark color
  4. Great return policy
  5. Affordable


  1. Slight shedding

Hair extension from Vtaozi

This hair extension is made of 100% unprocessed Brazilian body wave virgin hair. Hair weft is 10″-26″,95g-105g/Bundle, lace closure is 10″-20″,30g-50g/piece. Double hair weft helps preventing shedding.

This hair bundle has a great quality. The hair is soft, no chemical smell, only slight shedding and tangle. You can’t wish for more at this price point. This is one of the cheapest hair extensions of high quality you can find these days.

You can dye this hair without any issues. It will still look great and won’t have any extreme shedding. I would recommend to cut the hair ends.


  1. Great quality
  2. Affordable price
  3. Soft and Silky


  1. Slight tangle
  2. Slight shedding

You can check more extensive reviews pictures here.

Short Hair Extension from N&T

Here is another “natural hair” extension my friends like (but not me). It has no chemical smell, it’s super soft, naturally looking and super cheap. Just look at the price. Even this hair feels soft and silky, I have doubts that it’s natural.

First of all, it’s hard to bleach it. Second of all it sheds. And third of all, when you got used to natural hair you just feel something ain’t right.

I have mixed feelings about this hair bundle. From one side, it DOES look good and someone who can’t spend 100$ on a hair bundle, will find this offer truly appealing. However, not everyone will like this type of here. So it’s really up to you. I would suggesting spending 20$ more and get a better quality bundle. But if you are just starting and want to try something not expensive, then go ahead. You can read more reviews and check pics here.


  1. Soft
  2. Naturally looking
  3. Cheap


  1. May not be natural human hair
  2. Hard to bleach
  3. Sheds

Black Hair Extensions: Choose Right Bundle and Prevent Shedding

As a black woman, I know how important the beautifully looking hair is for us. Many of us are ready to spend a fortune to get a dream hair style. However, there are lots of nice and affordable hair bundles black women will find just right. If you can afford, go for high quality human hair extensions. It will last longer and your hair will look gorgeous. If you are not ready to spend that much money, there are great affordable natural human hair bundles that will look just as good as the ones from the premium segment but may not last as long. And if you are on a budget, you can try non-natural or mixed human hair extensions that will look good but probably won’t last long. And if you are just starting with hair extensions, choose affordable bundles that are not cheap nor expensive – this may give you the most pleasurable experience.

Even best hair extension can get tangles and shedding if you don’t take care of your hair correctly. Wash and deep condition your hair on a regular bases. Detangle hair gently, and don’t rub it. Dry hair naturally and put argan or coconut oil to keep it soft.

Personally, I love using hair extensions. They can really uplift your look. But right now I decided to embrace my natural hair. I will share my natural hair journey in the upcoming blog posts. if you liked my blog post, please share it with the friends and leave your comments below.



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