Anti Aging Creams: Ignore These Elements

While searching for reviews of one anti-aging product, I stumbled upon this article. Anne Marie shared with us her top cream ingredients to look for and to avoid.

I was really SHOCKED when I read about the bad stuff some anti-aging creams contain. I’ve spent all night checking my cosmetics for harmful ingredients and ….OMG almost all my creams have that bad stuff.

Her article completely changed my attitude to selecting anti-aging creams and makeup in general. Below are some hazardous ingredients that you should avoid :

•Synthetic Fragrances: it can cause skin rashes, headaches, wheezing and respiratory irritation.

•Emollients: can cause breakouts in acne-prone skin.

•Sulfates:  can cause excessively dry hair and skin as well as rashes and acne blemishes.

Anne Marie suggests to spot test a new anti-aging cream before applying it to your face. Many shops have testers. Use this opportunity and try before you buy.

Anti-aging is a long process and requires perseverance. Anne Marie says: “the key is to follow a good, healthy regime and to be mindful of triggers like the sun and wind.” Her blog has a lot of useful information and tips that I’ve never read before.

Anne Marie is a former Medical Spa owner who is passionate about anti aging products. Her anti aging tips are accurate and easy to understand. She covers all stages of aging and provides a solution for each of them. You should definitely check her blog out, if you are looking for healthy, affordable and unbiased anti-aging product ideas and tips that really work!


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