How To Clean Makeup Sponges: These Pro Tips Will Change Your Life

Using Makeup Sponges

“One of the easiest ways to apply and blend a  foundation is to use make up sponges or beauty blender as we call them. They usually come in different shapes and sizes to benefit and fasten the process of applying base make up. Many brands including local ones make beauty blenders out of which some are Real Technique, Beauty Blender, Forever 21 and so on.

They are also generally quite colourful in order to match the colour loving nature of ladies. It is quite easy to apply make up with a beauty blender. Though there are various processes to do so, my favourite is the following – taking some foundation at the back of my hand. I prefer it to applying directly on the blender as this process makes sure no product is wasted.


Then damp the sponge and applying the product in a damping process. One can even include some small strokes to blend it fast. The process ensures minimum wastage and maximum effects.” says Taniya Ghosh, the owner and editor of

Makeup sponges can do miracles for makeup application, but cleaning them can get really messy.

Amber Parungao, a freelance makeup artist in Austin, pointed out that “the most important part about using a reusable makeup sponge is cleaning and sanitizing it properly at least once a week. Without proper cleansing, your sponge can harbor nasty bacteria, mold and dirt and can transfer those onto your skin.”

How To Clean Makeup Sponges

Like all other reusable makeup tools, makeup sponges need to be cleaned on a regular basis. But if you’ve been lazy recently and didn’t wash your sponges as often as you should, keep reading our pro tips.

Though Taniya is not a professional, she shared with us her makeup sponge cleaning secret that we LOVED – it’s super easy and cheap:

p_20161010_183136_bf“The real task begins where the actual task ends! I mean cleaning all the mess up. There are a various ways to clean a beauty sponge as all have their own technique of cleaning their mess. Literally! There are loads of cleansing gels and pads available for brushes but I choose an affordable and effective yet easy way.

I generally take a small pad which will have some hard surface to it. This can be even some sponges used for cleaning the utensils up  or some floor cleaner. I apply some coconut oil or some make up remover on the sponges so that all the make up and dirt sucks out. Coconut oil is an effective yet affordable way to get rid of make up and dirt even from skin. Then I take some shampoo on that small pad which we had taken. This can be any day to day shampoo, nothing fancy. I, then with very light hand rub my beauty blender against the pad and even within my hand. All junk and old make up comes out fine and I am left with my clean make up sponge.

N.B: This method is well applicable to make up brushes as well.”

staypolished_015-1Amber offers another solution that not only cleans your sponge, but also sanitizes it. Her tips are INCREDIBLY simple, efficient and affordable: “the easiest and most cost effect way I’ve found to clean my sponges is with olive oil, dish soap and a microwave. First squeeze a dime sized amount of dish soap into your palm. Add about a pea sized amount of olive oil to the soap and mix together. Rub the mixture all over your makeup sponge and massage gently. You should see the makeup start to break up. Rinse and repeat until your sponge is makeup free and suds free. You could stop here and let it air dry but I prefer to take it a step further and sanitize my sponge in the microwave. Once my sponge is clean but still damp, i place it on a microwave safe dish and microwave it for 20-30 seconds. This helps remove any moisture on the sponge and kills any bacteria that might have been left behind. Once your sponge is dry, it’s ready to be used again.”

Lindsey Riveraheadshot, a freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles, specializing in print, television and celebrity work, shared with us another AMAZING makeup cleaning hack: ” I swear by Dr. Bronner’s bar soap to clean my brushes. Not only is it much cheaper than most solid brush soaps (under $5), but its all natural, organic and fair trade. I use it to clean my makeup brushes as well as my beauty blenders.”

And when was the last time YOU cleaned your sponge? Be honest!

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