Top 10 Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try In 2018

Halloween Makeup Ideas 2018

Halloween makeup still bothers you? Did you choose your perfect Halloween costume yet? Do you need a cool and easy to make makeup to match you irresistible Halloween look? Looks like you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got 10 Halloween makeup ideas to make you look spooky and sexy.

# 1. Pokemon Pikachu & Ivysaur Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Pokemon GO took over the world, so naturally you may want to do a Pikachu and Ivysaur Halloween Makeup. Follow this tutorial for irresistible Pokemon Go look:

#2. Unicorn Makeup

Unicorn makeup is a big trend this year, yet not everyone knows how to make unicorn makeup look BEAUTIFUL and spooky. Follow this makeup tutorial to get stunning unicorn look, if you are looking for more simple (yet beautiful) unicorn makeup solutions, check videos here.

#3. Monster High Makeup

Monster high theme is another big trend this year. It is popular among kids and adults alike. Here is a great video tutorial for you to follow:

If you are looking for something more simple, check our top 5 Monster High makeup tutorials.

#4. Sugar Skull


Sugar skull full face makeup is not just damn sexy but also spooky – it’s a perfect combination for Halloween look. You need to have tremendous makeup skills to replicate the makeup. But you still can get a gorgeous sugar skull makeup using….temporary tattoos.

Check this sugar skull makeup kit. It has 17 individual tattoo components for precise and creative placement on the face. After you are done, simply put eye makeup or rhinestones for your own unique look.

If you want to try traditional way of applying candy skull makeup, check these pro sugar skull makeup tips.

Did it work for you?

#5.  Maleficent Makeup

If you loved Angelina Jolie as Maleficent as much as we did, you should definitely go for Maleficent  makeup this Halloween. Good news, it’s very easy to replicate. Check this video:

If you are looking for an easy solution, simply get this Maleficent makeup kit on Amazon and follow the instructions.

#6. Cat Woman

Cat woman look is the really hot and wild. Check this video tutorial, it’s really something:

#7. Suicide Squad: Harley Make Up Kit

Suicide Squad movie is loved by millions! Do you want to look just like your favorite character? Check this Harley Quinn Makeup below; or simply get this Harley Quinn makeup kit and these tattoos – it may save you time and money.

#8. Vampire

“Vampire” is the EASIEST makeup look ever. Follow this video tutorial by Michelle Phan to get stunning vampire look:

# 9. Bleeding Wounds Makeup

Supperb-Temporary-Tattoos-Bleeding-Wound-Scar-Halloween-Halloween-TattoosBleeding makeup is a great last minute solution! Simply make smokey eye makeup, dark lipstick and these temporary bleeding  tattoos – that’s all you need!




#10. Deer makeup

Everybody loves deers. If you are on a budget or don’t have professional makeup skills, deer makeup is right for you. This is of the easiest deer makeup tutorials, for more deer makeup tutorials check these videos:

What’s your favorite Halloween look? Comment below.

Gallery of Top 10 Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try In 2018