How To Remove Those Stubborn Lipstick Stains From Clothes

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Have you ever made the rookie mistake of putting on that stunning cocktail dress after you are done perfecting your makeup, red lips and all? If your answer to the question is yes then you must be all too familiar with the heartbreaking stain that the lipstick leaves on the fabric if you do not jiggle your face through the neckline at just the perfect angle. Seeing that horrible lipstick stain on your dress right before you are about to step out can be a stressful experience, which is why you need to know these tips on how to remove lipstick stains from clothes without breaking into a sweat. Here are some tried and tested methods that will leave your garment lipstick-free and as bright as new.

1. A Spritz Of Hairspray – Before getting the big guns out, always read the label of the garment in question and check for any special care instructions. If there are none, then proceed with spraying a generous amount of hairspray on the lipstick stains and let it sit for around 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, take a cloth dampened with warm water and rub the stain gently. The cloth will slowly absorb the dye from the lipstick and will leave the fabric unharmed. Follow this up by rinsing the fabric with dish soap to remove the last traces of the lipstick stains.

2. The Paper Towel Trick – This is a trick that every mom swears by. Place the garment on a paper towel, with the offending lipstick stains facing downwards, towards the towel. Now apply some dish-washing liquid on the stain from the other side, place a cloth above this and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Once the soap is absorbed by the fabric, slowly apply pressure on the cloth and move from the outer edge of the stain towards the center. This should soak up all the dye from the lipstick. Rinse the fabric with water and voila, you are done!

3. A Swig Of Alcohol – If you are someone who is prone to staining their clothes quite often then you must always have a bottle of rubbing alcohol handy. All you need to do is drench a cotton ball with the alcohol and rub gently over the lipstick stains. Alcohol is able to break down most of the pigments used in lipsticks so this trick should work with most lippies in your makeup stash, especially on DIY crayon lipsticks. Of course, follow it up with a customary rinse under the tap.

4. Ammonia To The Rescue – Ammonia is yet another cleaning agent that wouldn’t fail you. A cotton ball dipped in some ammonia should be able to soak up the lipstick stains in a jiffy. If you do not have ammonia lying around the house then you can easily find some at your local grocery store.

5. Dry Cleaning Solvents Will Save The Day – If nothing else works, head over to the store and look for a good dry cleaning solvent. Dry cleaning solvents are universal solvents that should be able to absorb all the waxes, pigments, and oils in your lipstick. Sponge the stain with the solvent and then rinse as per usual, this should make the stain disappear in front of your eyes.

These are some of the ways in which you can kiss those stubborn lipstick stains goodbye in a jiffy. So do not hesitate in wearing that scarlet lipstick with your favorite white dress anymore, after all, you know how to remove lipstick stains from clothes as well as you know how to make heads turn!

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