Is Your Makeup Safe?

Everyday we see these beautiful makeup and skin care product ads – black mask, lipstick with flower inside, matte lipsticks of unknown brands. All these products are made in CHINA, and nobody seems to care about safety of these products. Since they are shipped directly from China, they don’t have to go through any tests or comply with any cosmetics standard regulations.

Did you know that those products can contain cyanide, coal tar, parabens and many other harmful elements that can cause DEATH? Did you know that people in China DON’T use those products? They prefer using Western brands that are 100% safe. How do they know?

For example, every cosmetic product/brand in EU has to obtain cosmetic product safety report. Only then (!) these products can be officially placed in the market. If you are buying product that are officially represented in EU, you definitely won’t harm your health using those products.

EU regulation 1223/2009 is the main regulatory framework for finished cosmetic products when placed on the EU market. It reinforces product safety while taking into consideration the latest technological developments, including the possible use of nanomaterials, and ban on animal testing.

According to The EU Cosmetics Regulation, all cosmetics products must be manufactured in accordance with the standards stated in GMP. GMP ensures that products are made in a clean environment and are not contaminated.

The EU Cosmetics Regulation has very strict rules regarding claims that manufacturers can make on their packaging and advertisement, and labeling. These rules ensure that consumers are fully aware of the ingredients, side-effects, and they won’t fall for false promises

You may think that if you buy Chinese product in local online store, it may be safe. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Here is the thing. Almost all those makeup and skin care products you see on Facebook don’t obtain cosmetic product safety reports, because they are not actually officially represented in the EU market. Most of them use online stores and dropshippers to sell their products. Since shipping is directly from China, and it’s for personal use only, those shady makeup companies can avoid any regulations.

You may not know it, but most of the Chinese cosmetics products comes from Aliexpress. Many online stores use Aliexpress to dropship their products to your home. Such online stores make 100%-500% profits, while you risk your health. Let’s assume that you buy makeup products from Aliexpress’s store. The person behind it is an individual who you don’t know and will never see. This person can disappear from the site any time and he/she won’t be liable for any loss you may have. There isn’t even a guarantee that these products meet China’s standards. This could literally be a guy mixing chemicals in his bathtub.

You may say “I’ve tried it and it was OK”. Nobody said you will die after one use, but you may be slowly killing yourself with the poisons that may cause health issue or death over months or years.

I don’t say all Chinese products are bad. There many quality Chinese products that a.) maid for local market and comply with local regulations, b.) registered their product in the EU, got safety report, FDA or whatever is required in your country.

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