Lindsey Hayes: Best Birthday Hairstyles 2017

If you are looking for a chic birthday hairstyle, you are in a right place. Lindsey Hayes, a celebrity hairstylist, shared with us her favorite birthday hairstyles for irresistible look!

Mermaid Braid

This hairstyle is good for a birthday party as it has loops of fun with messy structure. This hairstyle can turn any plain dress into a sexy fun edgy style. The long textured braids become the accessory of the evening.

Tip: I like to spray some gold shimmer on random strands to give it some glitz and glimmer.

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Fun up-do

Ready for any birthday party when you have edgy corn rows twisted up in a high ponytail. This look is great for hitting the town, you’ll never have to worry about your hair getting in your face.

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Crown Braids

These three tight braids bring such power, elegance, class, fit for a birthday party. I was inspired by the hair chains that I’ve been seeing around and thought it would be pretty to do something similar but with my own hair to dress up my look.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Mohawk

This hairstyle gives off an out-of-control  rock star vibe, perfect for birthday hair. You can be as wild as you want for your birthday and you wouldn’t have to worry about messing up your hair. This style is made messy for a reason, so the messier the better.

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Birthday Hat

This hairstyle signifies flower power pedals creating a beautiful, spunky birthday crown. I love this because you can ditch the crown and be unique using your own hair, I think it would look so cute paired with a strapless dress for a night out on the town for your birthday!

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Blue Mermaid

This hairstyle is full of adventure, sprayed with color, and balls of fun. Perfect for the girl who wants to bring a little more color into her life. I like this paired with a sexy white dress to make you really stand out.

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Greek Crown

This crown hairstyle is classy when you want to feel like a queen for your birthday evening. I also recommend spraying some gold shimmer just on the crown to give your look extra glam.

• H A L O || H A i R • @mermaid__loxx #lindseyloxx

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Half up and so classy

This hairstyle is a thrill mixed with creativity, perfect for an adventurous birthday party look. I love this for any dinner or cocktail hour for your birthday, this look shows other party goers who the birthday girl is.

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