How Your Makeup Defines Your Personality?


Your makeup choices say a ton about your personality. You might not realize it all of the time, but what you choose to put on your face is all about how you want to present yourself to the world. Do you go with more bold colors? Or do you go for a more soft and natural look? Your choices say a lot about you. Let’s go through a bit more about what your makeup choices could be saying about your personality and what you’re telling the world.

  • Pink Lip Shade and Dark Eyeliner

If you automatically go for the bold graphic eyeliner and pink lips, then this is saying that you’re a Type A person who is very organized and self-confident. You’re the kind of person who absolutely loves details and keeping things in their right place. You also remember every single one of your friend’s birthdays and other big events. The best part about your makeup is that while it’s bold, that boldness comes through in the subtle aspects of your face. You’re not throwing anything into anyone’s face, but you’re also saying that you’re here to stay.

  • Bold Brows and Plenty of Blush on Your Cheeks

Those girls who go with flushed checks, stained lips, and statement brows are strong, secure, and above all, feminine. You’re not the kind of person who’s going to stay on the sidelines and avoid voicing your opinion. You are super confident in yourself and what you have to say! You’re also the kind of person who likes to be the center of attention at parties and other get-togethers.

  • Dark Lashes and Lips

If you’re into this kind of makeup, then you’re going to be as upfront as they come. You’re not one to shy away from confrontation, rather one to seek it out because you know you can win any argument that comes your way. You’re also not one to put a filter on what you say – you say what you feel and feel what you say! Even though you might have a close group of friends who would do anything for you, there are also those people who just can’t handle the heat and stay away from you. You’re a girl who knows what she likes and will do anything she feels like – there’s nothing bad about that! This is the most important reason you would go with this makeup.

  • Not-So-Much Makeup – Makeup

If you’re someone who goes for the no-makeup makeup look, then you’re as calm as it gets. However, don’t assume that this makes you a pushover. You might seem passive and calm all of the time, that’s definitely not the case. Think of yourself as the peace-keeper in your friend group. You definitely have opinions to voice, but are just more selective than your other friends for when you voice them. You aren’t one who likes to rock the boat and cause any unnecessary drama. You know that your makeup should reflect this. Why would you go for a more bold and dramatic look when this the exact opposite of who you’re trying to be?

  • Tons of Contour and Bold Eyes

The girl who wears this kind of makeup is the one who’s the most in-tune with her emotions and feelings. Sure, some people see you as a drama queen and if that’s what they think, then let them think that! You are the girl who is going to cry at every sad scene in a movie and go crazy laughing at every one of your friend’s jokes. You are the girl who is going to express herself however she can, no matter where she is. And that goes with your makeup, as well!

We bet you didn’t know that your makeup would have such an impact on what you show off to the world. Think about this the next time you’re making your makeup choices. Is what you’re showing off to the world the same as what’s going on inside of you?

Gallery of How Your Makeup Defines Your Personality?