Max Factor Pan Stik 12 True Beige

When I found out that the original Pan Stik won’t be produced anymore, I was shocked. What am I going to do? I knew I can never find another product like this one. My favorite shade is Nude Ivory and when it was finished, I decided to try the new Pan Stik.

Unfortunately the new colors are different, and choosing shades online was a total nightmare. However, the product is still as good as before and the shades are the right spectrum. I found out that new Nude Ivory falls between the original Nude Ivory and the original True Beige. The new True Beige can easily replace of the original Nude Ivory.

The new Pan Stik feels just like the original Pan Stik. Make sure NOT to apply it too heavily, otherwise the product will settle into any fine lines you have. Blend well and there will be no problem at all.

The coverage is as smooth and flawless as before. You just need very little of this product to make your skin look beautiful. If you need extra coverage, just use more product and blend well. See more reviews of Pan Stik…

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