How To Start Your Hair Extension Line For Under $400

How to Start a Hair Extension Brand If you’re looking to start your own brand line of hair extensions without money, you should consider dropshipping option. This way, you will be able to sell hair without investing into stock, shipping, and storage. You don’t have to take care of returns etc. Hair extensions dropshipping business… Read More »

Top 5 ways to get rid of under eye wrinkles

Whether young or old, women everywhere seek remedies for the bags under their eyes, the crow’s feet at the corners and under eye wrinkles. From tea bags to cucumber slices, essential oils to just drinking more water, women have tried it all. While a young woman can satisfy her need with enough rest and some… Read More »

Top 5 Makeup Artist Schools In The U.S.

While choosing a course of study, we all want to walk the less trodden path. A good scholar knows something about everything and everything about something. Now this omething’ that you want to know everything about should be your passion, your heartthrob, a dream that you will never stop dreaming. If you think you have… Read More »

How To Remove Those Stubborn Lipstick Stains From Clothes

Have you ever made the rookie mistake of putting on that stunning cocktail dress after you are done perfecting your makeup, red lips and all? If your answer to the question is yes then you must be all too familiar with the heartbreaking stain that the lipstick leaves on the fabric if you do not… Read More »

DIY Crayon Lipstick

Have you ever looked at a kid’s coloring crayon and thought, “Wow, that shade would look amazing on my lips.” Good news, you can actually make lipstick with crayons and yap, it’s totally safe. Coloring crayons mainly consist of paraffin wax and non-toxic pigments which are also key ingredients in the making of lipstick. In… Read More »

Top 3 Best Matte Lipsticks

Lipstick is an indispensable element of every woman’s make-up kit. A lot of time and effort are devoted to its creating. Today flattering matte lipsticks are becoming more and more trendy replacing glossy ones. They became a real innovaton in a lipstick formula with the perfect combination of light texture, smooth application, and deep shades.… Read More »

How To Start Your Online Makeup Store Under $300

Starting an online store selling cosmetics is a dream of many women. But not all of us have the courage to DO IT. Today, I am going to tell you how to start your successful online store AND get rid of it for profit in case something goes wrong or you simply feel board. First… Read More »

How To Start Your Fashion Line With NO Money

Starting your own clothing line is a big challenge indeed. However, it so not as difficult as some “fashion gurus” want you to believe. Here is my exact tutorial on how to start your fashion brand with little or no money. Select your niche. If you want to start your clothing line on a budget, you… Read More »

How To Find A Dropshipper For Your Brand In Europe

If you are looking for cheap dropshipping services in EU, you should definitely check out offers in Poland. As you already know I have my own makeup line and flat iron line. And when it comes to shipping to my clients in Europe, it is an absolute nightmare as Fedex fees eat all my margins.… Read More »


Perfect Locks limited-edition collection gives you the perfect, pre-styled look If you could be a celeb for a day, who would you be? Beyonce? Kim Kardashian? The real question is – why choose just one, when it’s so easy to switch up your look! Perfect Locks makes it possible with this limited-edition collection of pre-styled,… Read More »