The FREAKING Awesome Makeup Palette For ~29$

Did you ever have this feeling? You watch a Youtube makeup tutorial and you want to replicate this makeup at home, but you are too lazy to go and buy all those items? Or you simply don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars on makeup stuff you may use just once? Then you understand why… Read More »

Preparation and process of tattooing

So, you have finally decided to have your body tattooed. That’s good—but don’t rush for it blindly, just give your time and conduct a proper research in advance. You need time to think at length about what you want needled into your skin. Of course, you need go for a safe option. Since there are… Read More »

Incredible features of salon management software

In this digital age, businesses that fall behind technologically are crippling themselves. If you have a salon, the software you choose will have a major impact on your ROI. That is on the grounds that the present Point of Sale (POS) frameworks do as such substantially more than your old arrangement book used to. Present… Read More »

Microblading is semi-permanent, what else you need to know?

Nobody wants the daily hassle of shaping their eyebrows, only to find that they’re uneven. That is why, it is good to just wake up with great, natural brows without any of the maintenance. Yes, it is true, with microblading this is possible. So what is it and why should you choose to have it… Read More »

How To Start Your Own Flat Iron Line

I’ve started my own flat iron line over a month ago. It was an easy job thank to my friend who lived in China for years and could hook me up with right people. I’ve been thinking of my own flat iron brand for years ( especially when I had success with my makeup line),… Read More »

Top 3 Best Red Lipsticks Under $20

If you are looking for a red lipstick under $20 that feels and look like $100, then check our list of the top 3 best red lipstick you should try! Aesthetica Matte Lip Trio  This is one f my favorite lippies. The color is bold and vibrant. This is probably the only matte lipstick that… Read More »

Use Hypoallergenic Makeup to Soothe Your Skin

While there are hundreds, even thousands, of makeup products to choose from, many consumers worry about the effect these products may have on their skin. Are such concerns without basis? Quite the contrary. Sensitive skin is a genuine problem that affects more people than you might realize. Symptoms of sensitive skin may include a stinging,… Read More »

Cruelty-Free Makeup: A Step Ahead To Prevent Animal Cruelty

Some of the top cosmetics brands still produce and sell products that are tested on animals. If you buy makeup from major cosmetic brands, you’re likely supporting companies that still practice animal testing. There are over 2,500 cosmetic brands that provide alternatives like cruelty-free makeup brushes and cruelty-free makeup. Compassionate consumers support businesses that go… Read More »