8 Tips to Accessorize Your Day Look

If you’re putting together your look every day, you probably constantly ask yourself how you can accessorize up your look. Accessories are those pieces you add to your outfit to give it that extra boost it needs to be an amazing look that’s going to turn heads on the street. However, you might not be… Read More »

Top 3 Beauty Secrets From India That REALLY WORK

Namaste! That’s how we greet in India. India is a land of diversities, a land that has a million culture within it. Right from beauty to food, we Indians have a liking for everything natural. We love those traditional herbal remedies for beauty which we called ‘Ayurvedic’ here. My Top 3 Beauty secrets will also… Read More »

Makeup brushes revamped- ‘No more mess’

The beginning of another season is the ideal time to get sorted out! A standout amongst the most disarranged spots for most ladies, other than their storerooms, is their cosmetics stockpiling.  Most of the times you tend to hurl your cosmetics in a sack or drawer and afterward can never locate your most loved brush,… Read More »

How to get rid of back acne?

Pimples can appear at any part of your body, and it is challenging to treat them. Unfortunately, you can get pimples at any age because of different reasons. Acne may appear on your face, leg, back, arm or even any part of your body (even your lips!). There are numerous reasons that people get acne;… Read More »

4 Stylish Ways to Hit the Road on A Bike and Dazzle the World

If you think about getting out there on the road and spending time with your friends on your motorcycles, you might not think about the clothes you’re wearing at first. However, you should definitely be keeping this on your mind. That’s because the clothes that you wear are going to determine both how safe you… Read More »

How Your Makeup Defines Your Personality?

Your makeup choices say a ton about your personality. You might not realize it all of the time, but what you choose to put on your face is all about how you want to present yourself to the world. Do you go with more bold colors? Or do you go for a more soft and… Read More »

8 Methods You Can Adopt to Get Rid of Dark Circles

When you have dark circles under your eyes, everything just seems off. Dark circles make you look super tired and your face doesn’t seem as bright as it might normally. The best thing you can do for your face and your overall quality of life is to figure out why you have these dark circles… Read More »

LuckyFine Face Body Paint and MakeUp Palette Kit for Halloween/Party

This face and body washable paint is so freaking amazing. It’s so pigmented, and vibrant. It completely replaced my makeup forever flash palette! I watched lots of reviews on YouTube and everyone said the same thing. Colors are identical with the makeup forever pallet. Amazon reviews here say same thing too. I used this paint… Read More »

Queen Bee Organic Under Eye Cream

I am a big fan of organic products. It’s difficult to find an organic under eye cream that works. I bought Queen Bee by recommendation of my Instagram follower!  What I like about Queen Bee is that it contains NO cancer causing additives or preservatives and …. it works. While using my first jar of Queen Bee, I… Read More »

Messon 10 pcs Makeup Brushes Set

Messon makeup brushes set is  GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY. You get 10 makeup brushes for about $13. I have tested the high-end version before and I couldn’t believe a dupe version can be as good as the original, but Messon’s brushes are so amazing….just like more expensive versions. These brushes are super dense, soft and flexible. You can actually… Read More »