Purple Ombre Hair Done Right: Top Experts Share Their Secrets

Purple Ombre

Purple Ombrè hair is a hot trend. Many celebrity like Chelsea Leyland,  Lacey Schwimmer, Eleonora Carisi, and Katy Perry have been seen with purple ombre. If you are looking for a more playful look but aren’t quite ready for anything too crazy, playing with the popular ombre hair style is a great idea.

According to Lindsey Cummins, CEO of Winq – a social polling app for millennials, 88% of our their users responded that they love the purple ombre hair trend.  72% of our users prefer lighter shades of purple for ombre as
opposed to darker shades.

However, don’t rush into buying a purple dye. Achieving this perfect purple ombre look won’t be as easy as it looks on Pinterest. You will often need a lot of time, effort and money to achieve and maintain your purple hair. A fun styling experiment can go terribly wrong. Read our experts’ tips to avoid a disaster!

1. Chosen Shade Of Purple Must Complement Your Tone

When selecting purple hair color, make sure it matches your overall skin and hair tone. Stacy Sutton, a stylist at Blu: A Salon Company, says: “I always perform complimentary Consultations so we can decide to match skin tone to pastel or electric purple because with every wash, the purple color will fade a little more.

You should also consider your natural color. A purple ombré should compliment both natural and root color. But if the client is set on electric hues, it may be necessary to change her base color. This additional color may result in conditioning treatments being necessary to keep hair silky smooth.”


2. Violet Looks Great On Dark Hair

Olivia Roth, a stylist at Blu: A Salon Company says: “I am in love with this trendy style because the technique is impeccable. Ombre itself is very low-maintenance for the client. But clients with dark hair can use violet to get the pop of color that they want without being too drastic. Violet is very alluring but subtle at the same time.”


Warm purple or violet ombre on dark hair looks fabulous. It requires less intense bleaching and helps you preserve your hair as healthy as possible. You should understand that bleaching may damage your hair which can cause the hair to dry out or break off.

So if you are a brunette, opt for warm shades of purple. Numerous experts recommend deep purple permanent hair color 4VR by Matrix as it offers beautiful long-lasting effect and is less harmful for hair. You can get it on Amazon here.

3. Purple on Blond Hair Can Turn Into Disappointment

Unlike brunettes, blondes don’t have to dye their hair to apply purple ombre. Unfortunately dying your hair into purple is still not as easy as it seems. Stacy confirms our worries: “A dishwater blonde may not look good with electric purple ends, no matter what Pinterest says!”


“To be honest I don’t love doing fashion colors on blondes. They fade fast and without proper care the color can bleed into the blonde. When doing a fashion ombre like this, you have to make sure you are seeing a stylist with a lot of experience and that he/she recommends you use products that will keep your color fresh and vibrant. Never use drugstore products! These will cause your color to fade into the blonde.” Olivia tells me over email.

Here is a great example of how purple on blond ombre must look like:

4. Keep Your Hair Healthy

Bleaching the lengths and ends of hair is damaging. Your hair may look dry and lifeless after the procedure. Get a trim after going ombré to avoid new split ends and apply a color-safe deep conditioner. It will keep you hair nourished and silky.

Many experts recommend Olaplex, a special hair treatment that helps prevent hair damage during intense bleaching sessions. You can get it in their official store on Amazon here.


5. Purple Color Is Not Permanent

Purple is a high maintenance color that contain less pigment and usually doesn’t last long. It may wash out quickly, so maintaining the color is necessary. You cannot avoid color fade, but you can take protective measures and preserve the color as long as possible. There are few things that you can do: wash you hair less and only in cold water, stay out of the sun, use special color protecting shampoo, conditioner and masks.


6. Avoid harsh lines of demarcation

If you are trying DIY purple ombre, make sure you know how to apply bleach and a color. You don’t want you hair to look like this:

If you’ve never done ombre by yourself, it’s wise to use the help of professional hair stylists and learn how they do it.

7. Trust Professional Colorists

Let’s face it – a really good DIY purple ombré isn’t possible, unless you’re a professional. Bleaching is a complex process and it can go terribly wrong. Leave it to the professionals. A good colorist knows what products and how should be used, she/he will suggest the best shade for you and will apply it nicely for your irresistible look.


If you’ve always dreamed of gorgeous purple ombre hair, then you should definitely try it. Sure bleaching and constant coloring can be costly and time consuming, but this is the only way to get irresistible purple color. Warm purple is usually the best choice for brunettes, but if you are after a bright lilac then just go for it. A really good colorist can make your dream of lilac ombre come true!

Special Thank You to Blu: A Salon Company for participating in this interview. Blu is a luxury salon based in Swedesboro, NJ. In the 12 years that Blu has been in business, it has been awarded the ‘Best of Salem County’ Award 5 times, and has received awards from PB Cosmetology School as well.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blusaloncompany/?hl=en

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