Queen Bee Organic Under Eye Cream

I am a big fan of organic products. It’s difficult to find an organic under eye cream that works. I bought Queen Bee by recommendation of my Instagram follower!  What I like about Queen Bee is that it contains NO cancer causing additives or preservatives and …. it works.

While using my first jar of Queen Bee, I realized that I don’t notice dark circles under my eyes any more. Also it’s working great as a moisturizer. Queen Bee a little bit thick, but it’s necessary to hold moisture in for wrinkle prevention. So you will need to wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb all the product before applying makeup.

I could definitely say that I don’t have dark circles anymore and my wrinkles are less visible.

Since ingredients are all natural, you need to be careful when buying this cream. Some people may have an allergy. Read more comments here.

Gallery of Queen Bee Organic Under Eye Cream