Skincare for Men: Taking Care of the Beast Under the Hair

You are a hairy beast. You have been this way since late puberty, and you’ve accepted the fact that hair will be part of your life for as long as you live. But that does not mean you have to let the skin underneath all that hair go unattended. In fact, you should not. The beast underneath the hair deserves healthy skin.

Here are five things you should know about skincare for men, especially if you are one of the millions who consider themselves hairy:

1. Your Skin Can Still Dry Out

There is an unfortunate misconception among men that body hair prevents underlying skin from drying out. This is simply not true. Excessive body hair may do a slightly better job at retaining moisture, but hair itself is no barrier against dryness. In addition, hair definitely makes moisturizing more difficult.

If you consider yourself a hairy man, you probably already know that moisturizing creams and lotions do not help much. They just create a goopy mess that sticks to the hair and goes no further. So what to do? Use a moisturizing oil instead. CRUDE Everything Oil is a good option. CRUDE products are 100% natural and designed to work with the skin rather than against it.

2. Facial Hair Need Some Attention

You may have decided to embrace your inner hairy beast by growing a full beard. That’s great. But did you know that facial hair needs attention as well? Indeed, facial hair can be extremely brittle and tough to groom. A little bit of care will make your beard easier to shape regardless of its length. It will also look healthier as well.

CRUDE has facial hair covered with their Scruff Beard & Face Oil product. Its combination of five organic oils conditions beard hair, moisturizes the underlying skin, soothes razor burn, and helps to combat ingrown hairs.

3. Body Hair Is a Natural Exfoliate

All that hair covering your body has one important benefit you may not be aware of: it acts as a natural exfoliate. The simple process of washing can be an exfoliating experience as the individual hairs on your body work to gently exfoliate the skin. For those areas not covered by hair, particularly the upper face, CRUDE Everything Oil is an excellent option for exfoliation.

4. Body Hair Does Not Protect against Sun Damage

The hair in your beard is probably thick enough to provide significant protection against sun damage. The hair on the rest of your body is not. If you are planning to be out in the sun for any length of time, be sure to use a good sunblock product. Do not trust your hairy manliness to self-protect against damaging UV rays.

5. Preventing Ingrown Hairs Is Good

Lastly, every hairy beast among us knows that ingrown hairs can occasionally become infected or simply inflamed. Therefore, preventing ingrown hairs is wise. CRUDE’s Scruff Beard & Face Oil is a good product for combating ingrown hairs in the beard and on the face. Where they appear elsewhere, you can try to gently remove them yourself or make a visit to the dermatologist.

There are certain men among us whose bodies are home to a tremendous amount of hair. That’s not a bad thing, as long as good skincare practices are part of the hairy man’s daily routine. So embrace the beast within. Don’t let body hair be a hindrance to good, healthy skin. And as long as you’re practicing good skincare habits, take a look at the 100% natural skin care products made by CRUDE.

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