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If you are one of the lucky girls who has beautiful blue eyes, then surely at some point you have been in the situation where you do not know what color makeup to use to make the most of your eyes but now you do not have to Worry more because here you will find the best options of smokey eye for blue eyes.

Let’s start by saying that there are several blue eyes tones and this is crucial when choosing the color combination for our makeup. There are shades of blue eyes in light color, with silver tones, grayish blue, with green tones, deep blue and within each of them an even greater variety and that is why there are an infinity of combinations that you can try.

In this image gallery  you can find the latest trend in smokey eye for blue eyes that has been carefully selected with the sole objective that you find the perfect option for you and with which you will look really beautiful

What colors are better for smokey blue eyes?

Although as we have said, there is a wide range of combinations with makeup for blue eyes, it is also true that there are colors that by their nature make the blue color stand out better. You can check the color ranges and how to combine them at Color theory

What do you need to get the best eyeshadow for blue eyes?

If you want the best eyeshadow for blue eyes and look very professional, then you have to use the best products and you can buy them directly from Amazon where you have a large number of products available and the best offers

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