Sombre Hair: Top Hairstylists Share Their Tips For Perfect Sombre in 2017

Many celebrities changed their obvious ombre to softer sombre version. Victoria Secret models Lily Aldridge and Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Lily Aldridge, Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Lopez are all rocking the Sombre.

Sombre Hair vs. Ombre Hair: What’s The Difference

kelly-look-back“The actual definition of ombré is graduating from dark to light,” meaning a transition from a deeper darker color at the roots into a lighter shade or tone on the ends. With ombre being such a successful trend, we are seeing it evolving into a softer version called “sombre. This means keeping the tones and transitions softer and more natural looking with lighter pieces around the face.” – says Kelly Cardenas, an industry icon and the owner of Kelly Cardenas Salon.

Kelly Cardenas attributes all of the success of his namesake salons to the team that has been constructed around him. Kelly Cardenas Salon has become the industry standard for service, consistency and up-to-the-minute technique. Their concept of Integrity Based Success has conditioned the team to reach exponential heights. Kelly Cardenas Salon has created a culture of hairdressers that deliver 5-star service without the ego and believe that everyone who experiences their environment should be treated like an A-list celebrity. Kelly and his wife Brooklyn, live in Carlsbad, CA with their kids, Makena and Maddox.

Unlike Ombre, the Sombre trend can work for everyone. While beautiful Ombre hair is hard to achieve on blonds, sombre hair will look just PERFECT.  Brunettes can enjoy Sombre hair by adding soft caramel shades to lighten their hair without the hassle of maintaining it.

“The Sombre incorporates all tones subtly throughout the hair making it a more grown up version of the Ombre and giving it a softer contrast. It has more of a natural look to it.” – confirms Kelly Davis, a top stylist at The Blu Salon.

DIY Perfect Sombre

The key to perfect DIY Sombre hair is to keep roots natural for a low-maintenance appeal. Use a hair dye of a few shades lighter and a few shades darker than your natural hair color. It will give you a natural look and will complement your skin tone. Many professionals recommend permanent hair dye like Matrix or Aveda Full Spectrum for better results.

When DIY hair coloring, there is a great chance that something will go wrong. The Sombre requires skills and knowledge. Just a few people can do it right at home. While fixing your unsuccessful Sombre color can be relatively inexpensive, hair treatment may cost you a fortune. That is why you should use help of professional colorists to achieve perfect Sombre – it will save you time, money and hair.

How To Maintain Sombre Hair

kelly-1“Make sure you’re treating your Sombre right, try not to shampoo hair everyday because that causes the color to fade faster. Use a good sulfate-free shampoo and moisture locking conditioner when you do wash your hair to keep it looking shiny.

When styling, always give your hair a little wave to it too when styling your Sombre or Ombré, it truly reveals the beauty of the color.” – shares with us Kelly Davis, one of Blu’s most talented stylists.

Kelly is passionate and confident in her skills to ensure your experience is like no other. She is 2014 Employee of the Year at Blu: A Salon Company, a luxury salon based in Swedesboro, NJ. In the 12 years that Blu has been in business, it has been awarded the ‘Best of Salem County’ Award 5 times, and has received awards from PB Cosmetology School as well.

Do you like Sombre hair? Do you have any tips to share? Please comment below.


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