How To Start Your Fashion Line With NO Money

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Starting your own clothing line is a big challenge indeed. However, it so not as difficult as some “fashion gurus” want you to believe. Here is my exact tutorial on how to start your fashion brand with little or no money.

  1. Select your niche. If you want to start your clothing line on a budget, you should decide who is your target market and what they want. For example, I am love yoga and decided to start my own yoga leggings line. It will be easy for me to promote such brand as I know everything about yoga. Brands that target specific niches are normally do better than general brands because it’s easy and CHEAP to promote to those niches, niche fans are more eager to purchase and re-purchase your products, it will be easier to create product to sell.
  2. Manufacturer and dropshipper. Now you need someone to actually manufacture the clothing. And there is an amazing US manufacturer that creates and dropshipps clothes for you. It’s called – you simply upload your pattern, and then drag and drop it on the product available on printful….and that’s it. You can generate a realistically looking mockup and upload it into your store. Here is an example of my yoga leggings store. After you get the order, you simply forward it to printful. It means you only pay, when you have real customer who paid you first.
  3. Website and automation. You can easily go with etsy or amazon store as a place to sell your brand products. However, what’s the point of creating a competition to yourself? I decided to go with the personal website! And it was a right choice for me. Printful has an automation tool where you can connect your website to printful and then EVERTYHING is done hands-free. Basically, when someone places the order on my website and pays with Paypal, the order goes directly to Printful and they charge my Paypal account. So If I sell my leggings for 50 USD, I make around $20, and the rest goes to Printful. After that they make the product, pack it with my label on it, and ship it. It’s absolutely hands free! If you don’t know how to make a website, I would suggest you to contact these guys I work with and use coupon code: TWTR to get free hosting. They can finish a stunning ecommerce site integrated with Printful for about 700$.
  4. Marketing. This is the hardest part. You need to build a community around your brand. So engaging with your target  audience is super important. Post your product pictures to Instagram and Pinterest DAILY. Engage with people on FB groups. Use FB ads – it’s a powerful tool to get followers and clients quickly. And don’t forget about Youtube.

Now that you are on the way to your dream fashion line, share this articles with your friend on Facebook and Twitter! Let them know you are about to start your clothing line journey. It can be a great entry point for your future clients.

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