How To Start Your False Eyelashes Brand On A Budget

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If you keep asking yourself how to start an eyelash business, you have to read this honest and simple tutorial on creating your false eyelashes brand. It’s easier and cheaper than you think, when done right. Now, I am going to share with you my experience in starting my own eyelash extension brand.

1.Find Manufacturers or Dropshippers

This is probably the most difficult part. In the past, you would have to go through hundreds of manufacturers and dropshippers to find the one. These days, finding an eyelash manufacturer is EASY! There are 3 types of manufacturers you should consider when looking to create your custom eyelashes.

  1. Eyelash Manufacturers. They normally come from China and manufacture eyelashes in huge quantities. If you have money to invest and your are certain that you can sell them, then partnering with the manufacturer directly is a right choice. You can get a massive discount AND an eyelash style that you wants, which means you can set yourself apart from the competitions and have HUGE margins. The downside of such business model is that if you have no budget or your are not sure that you can sell them, you may end up with the stock of eyelashes in your home that you cannot sell. However, you you want to take this path, you can always look for manufacturers on Alibaba. Always ask for a sample before placing a big order.
  2. Private label lash companies. These companies normally don’t have big order quantity requirements, however, they are more expensive. Moreover, they only have a certain type of eyelashes you can choose from. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Those private label lash manufacturers know what sells and they can help you pick the product that will definitely sell.
  3. Eyelashes dropshipping. This is the most cost effective solution for those you are just starting. If you want to create you own eyelash brand from scratch, this option is right for you. So how does it work? Your clients place an order with you, and you forward it to the dropshipper who packages and ships the order on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about the stock, returns, or packaging. It’s all done for you. Yet it comes at a cost. Your margins will be slim and most probably there will be no branding on the packages. It will be simply white label product with no name on it. Most of the dropshippers offer you to pay extra to have your label on the packaging.

2. Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

Now that you picked your false eyelashes supplier, it’s time to create your BRAND. The packaging is pretty standard, what you need is a logo and graphic design. You can get all this for $5 on Fiverr. Yes, it can be that cheap. But before ordering your art work, get in touch with the your supplier and ask the requirements and dimension for the art work.

3. Website and Marketing

While many private label companies and dropshippers offer you a website design for extra costs, it’s normally a not good idea. I know private label manufacturers who ask $99/month for the website which is pretty much identical to the other websites they created for other individuals like you. It’s much smarter to get your own website design and your own hosting. It will only cost you around $500-$700 to have your own completely unique website. You can use our partner company

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After your website is done, it’s time to promote your brand. The best ways to do it is using Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Start making video tutorials on how to apply your eyelashes, give them away to Social media influencers in exchange for a promotion, host competitions and giveaways. If you think it’s too much for you, you can always get a help of freelance marketers that you can find on Upwork or any other freelance site.

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