Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tips by Cristy Guy

Sugar Skull/Skull Candy Makeup is so fun! You really can go as simple or as elaborate as you would like. I’ll share a few tips and ideas on creating this very fun makeup with ease.

1. You can always sketch the design on your face with a white eye liner pencil. This lets you plan it out to see what it will look like and get your proportions and symmetry right.

2. The basis of the typical skull candy look includes these design elements: a white or pale skin, black line details, and then 1-2 other colors for the eye sockets and other ornamentation.

3. You’ll always want to apply your lighter colors first. Darker colors lay over light colors much more easily. Also for the eye socket area, you’ll not want to layer colors there. Just add the color of your choice and that’s it. Because most face paint makeup is water based, you don’t want the colors to mix.

4. One of the best lines of makeup specifically made for face and body painting in Paradise by Mehron. They have an extensive variety of colors including metallics. These are all water based therefore activated with
water. They are easily removed as well.

5. To find your inspiration you search Pinterest and Google. Don’t just search skull candy makeup, go beyond and search sugar skull designs, some truly fabulous images pop up!

About Author: Cristy Guy, a wardrobe stylist, makeup artist and founder of On the Set Styling, LLC. We specialize in makeup, hair and wardrobe for print, TV, video and live performances.

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