The Best Makeup Brushes: 5 Beauty Experts Share Their Favorites

Makeup brushes are so important for perfect makeup application. We can’t imagine our life without them, can we? PromakeupTutor asked celebrity beauty experts about their favorite makeup brushes. Their choices will prove that quality product is not always the most expensive one.


p_20161010_183136_bfTaniya Gosh

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Make up is literally incomplete without make up brushes. They help in easy application of foundation, powder and other beauty stuffs without wasting a lot of product. Now in a market where there are so many local as well as high end make up brushes available, we have a lot to choose from. Some brands even make a dupe of other high-end brushes which are really affordable and of good quality.

If I say about my favourite brushes then the list goes a long way. I mean a girl who loves make up must love brushes too. To be very frank there is no single brand of which I love all the brushes but yeah, if you ask most brushes then it will be the ever popular Real Technique. Now I really have some strong backings to my answer.


Courtesy of Fernanda Gea

Firstly, Real Technique is one of the few brands that is on the drugstore side still of great quality. When quality comes with affordability then who can resist?

Secondly, they have a huge variety of brushes to choose from. From eye brushes to face brush you name it and they have it.

Thirdly, availability is a big issue with most make up brush brands. Not all brands are eaily available everywhere. This brand is really widely available at all leading beauty stores as well as online specially amazon.

Fourthly, I personally love the big fluffy powder brush from Real Technique. This is a multi-functional brush that not only helps in applying powder on the concealed areas of your face but also helps in blending all the make up. Even if you are a pro in applying make up, you can surely use this as a blush brush too with very light hands.

Fifthly, we have a lot of dupes for Real Technique. Though the dupes don’t match the exact quality, they are somewhere nearby. For those who can’t spend that much money on brushes, the dupe can be a good option. In India, we have the Puna Store brushes that are a dupe of Real Technique.

Sixthly, the brushes can be washed easily and no stain remains. I have a whole collection of their eye and face brushes and believe me, they are super durable and super comfortable to apply. Quality cannot be compromised and surely Real Technique doesn’t compromise too.

So these are my opinions on my favourite make up brush brand Real Technique. Hope it is useful.

fernandaFernanda Gea

~ I am a founder of the blog Lift Laugh Lipstick.

The Real Techniques brushes are my absolute favorite when it comes to value. They are soft, functional, durable and affordable. I own a few brushes from high-end brands that are also absolutely amazing, but the brushes from Real Techniques don’t lose to my high-end brands in any aspect at all. The Real Techniques brushes were created by YouTube Makeup artists Sam and Nic Chapman who are very competent professionals and decided to make their own line of high-quality affordable brushes that all their subscribers could have access to.


Courtesy of Fernanda Gea

The RT brushes are also colorful while remaining sophisticated and the brand offers a variety of brushes to complete a makeup artist’s basic makeup kit. Being able to buy your brushes for a fraction of the price that brands like MAC, Japonesque or Sigma charge for is a MUST for any makeup professional, so RT is definitely my pick for favorite brand of makeup brushes.


Kylen Moran

~ fashion and beauty blogger at

Without a doubt, my absolute favorite brush brand is EcoTools. When I originally got into this brand, I fell in love only because of how soft the brushes feel on my skin. It’s like putting makeup on with feathers! When other brushes would typically get stiff and yucky, my EcoTools brushes are still in great shape, so I like that they require less maintenance.

It was only after I bought my first set that I found out about the real story behind these brushes. They’re cruelty-free and made partially from recycled products. It’s a relief to know that I’m not enjoying such a smooth and soft brush at the expense of a defenseless animal, and I’m glad that I’m making choices that positively impact the environment. The manufacturer also invests in efforts to provide schooling for underprivileged girls. The best part

These brushes are pretty affordable!

erinErin B. Guth

~ I’m a celebrity makeup artist with 20 years experience in television, film and print, and clientele including Zendaya and Sofia Carson. I department head KC Undercover and also day play on Sharktank and The Voice. Read more about Erin at

One of my favorite brush brands is Sigma Beauty. I am a fan of this line because:

1) They have an impressive variety with useful designs.

2) The brushes are affordable but still soft.

3) They are cruelty free.

Mandie Mutchie

~ a makeup artist and natural beauty amplifier with clients such as Fox Sports, Beats by Dre, People Magazine, and several Olympic gold medalists and many others. Read more about Mandie at

The best brushes, in my opinion, are the different BdelliumTools line. They are anti-microbial, so you get double the disinfecting – the disinfecting from your cleaning, and that from the brush itself! They are also vegan, so you
don’t have to worry about any cruelty whatsoever. I feel that also makes them easier to clean and longer-lasting.

There’s a great variety of brushes for every need, and they come in fun colors, too!

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