The FREAKING Awesome Makeup Palette For ~29$

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Did you ever have this feeling? You watch a Youtube makeup tutorial and you want to replicate this makeup at home, but you are too lazy to go and buy all those items? Or you simply don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars on makeup stuff you may use just once? Then you understand why I am so freaking happy!

I just learnt about Deck of Scarlet palette and I wonder why nobody ever told me about it before! This palette literally saved me lots of money AND time. This palette was created in collaboration with numerous famous makeup Youtubers. They call them Artist in Chief.

So what makes this palette so special?

  1. It costs only 29$ and it has everything you need to create SPECIFIC  day and night looks…all in one palette! Shades are so much carefully selected, that it’s really hard to do something wrong.
  2. Tutorials for specific palettes. That’s an AWESOME idea. They’ve got lots of beloved Youtubers on board, so each could create a makeup tutorial for a specific curated look with the specific palette. This is to ensure you can REALLY do it.
  3. It has everything: eye shadows, highlighter, lipsticks, cheek color…all in small quantities. You know what it means? No more wasting time and money!
  4. It’s made in the US. Honestly, I am sick and tired of Chinese cosmetics trash people sell in the US. So I really support US made products..quality products.

However, there are things I don’t like:

The palette is really cheap but only when you subscribe to get a new palette every two months. However, if you want to buy just one palette it will cost twice the subscription price! Some people just use the trick and cancel the subscription to get the product cheaply. BUT when you try it once, I am pretty sure you will not want to unsubscribe. The quality is really great and it’s so much fun playing with new makeup palette, new look every 2 months while spending almost nothing. I would definitely recommend it as a best beauty buy 2018!


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