Top 3 Bridal Makeup Tutorials

Whether you’re going to do it yourself or you want an idea of what to ask your makeup artist for, makeup for your wedding day is one of those things that you want to get right. Scroll down for 3 of the best bridal makeup tutorials on YouTube.

1. In Depth Bridal Tutorial + Lots Of Tips & Tricks | Jaclyn Hill

YouTube superstar Jaclyn Hill has years of experience doing weddings. Her look is an amalgamation of the most common makeup requests from bridal clients. She describes it as a timeless, ‘looking like yourself but better’ look.

2. Bridal Makeup Tutorial | Simply Sona

See what products makeup artist Sona Gasparian recommends for a glowy and long lasting bridal look. She uses gold, peach and purple tones complete with contour that photographs really well. Check it out!

3. Bridal Makeup Tutorial by Lauren Curtis

Australian YouTuber Lauren Curtis shows us how to create a bridal makeup look that will last for as long as possible. She uses tried and tested products that she swears by and shares what to avoid and what to look for when choosing the right products.


You don’t even have to be getting married to wear these looks — they would be just as good for any formal occasion or event where you are going to be photographed.

What do you look for in wedding makeup? Share your expectations or experiences in the comments!

Gallery of Top 3 Bridal Makeup Tutorials