Top 4 Ways To Increase The Glow & Growth Of Your Hair

Looking for ways to increase the growth of your hair? Want your hair to have a natural and beautiful glow? There are hundreds of products on the market that promise to give you just that. The question is do any of them work? Instead of looking at particular brands, let’s look instead at different ingredients that can provide a healthy glow. We will expand on this to cover the top 4 ways we’ve learned to increase the glow and growth of your hair. Let’s begin!

1. Soy

Soy products provide a range of benefits for your hair. First, they contain isoflavones. These have been shown to improve your IGF-I Insulin levels. The main way that you can use soy to improve the quality and growth of your hair is by making it a daily part of your diet. While there are topical creams that use soy, the research is still out on whether or not soy can provide any benefit in this way. There are two ways you can increase your intake of soy, by eating more soy beans (obviously) or by consuming a soy protein supplement. Be aware that if you have thyroid or estrogen issues can get worse with an increase in soy consumption.

2. Spicy Foods!

Spicy foods provide a lot of variation to your diet and can lead you to turn a great meal into a fantastic meal. They are also great for your hair, in particular the spice capsaicin has been found to help promote hair growth. You can find capsaicin in its raw form or in just about every pepper, including the sweet and mild bell pepper. The hotter the pepper, the greater the capsaicin content.

3. Avoid Heat Styling

Let’s take a moment to shift from internal to external changes you can make. Externally, the biggest benefit you can give your hair, especially if you want it to be happy, healthy, and glowing, is to avoid heating it. Straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers can cause breakage and can leave your hair worse off. A reason for the problem is because all of the moisture is sucked out through the heating process. Keep your hair moisturized to help reduce this form of damage.

4. Treat Your Scalp Well

Consider getting a DIY scrub for your scalp. They can help to stimulate growth, remove product buildup, and exfoliate your scalp, thereby improving health. In addition, washing out product and rubbing the scalp is said to work as well. You can also go the natural remedies route and make use of a range of DIY hair and scalp ointments. Be aware that you use these at your own risk.

Regardless of your approach, you now know four ways to effectively increase not only the glow of hair, but also the growth and shine. Now it’s up to you, make use of this knowledge and good luck in getting the healthy length of hair you deserve!

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