Top 5 Beauty Apps To Try In 2017

From virtually finding your perfect outfit to simply trying on makeup, these are the best beauty apps to to try in 2017.

#1. MakeupPlus

MakeupPlus is the perfect app to take your selfie editing to the next level. Explore and virtually try on new, trending makeup looks or retouch, tune and edit your photos all in one place!

App features:

  • Free virtual makeup and hair color try-on (yes, sage hair and red lips look good on you!)
  • Multi-face recognition (for the ultimate usies!)
  • Exclusive looks created by top celebrity makeup artists and beauty bloggers
  • Step-by-step video tutorials and tip & tricks on how to create trendsetting looks

#2. AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor

AirBrush is another app by Meitu that was created for selfie addicts like us. With this app, you retouch your selfie with subtle, precise and easy-to-use manual editing tools , filter for the best lighting possible (hello, rose gold!), smooth, firm and brighten for skin, create natural looks with undetectable edits, share your perfected selfie instantly.

#3. Glamoutfit

Glamoutfit helps you organize your closet online, because great makeup on its own is not enough. Whenever you need help with deciding what clothes to mix and match, you can use the app to get advice from stylists on the app.

#4. YouCam Nails

We all know YouCam Makeup app – the  best makeup app ever – but what about nails app? YouCam nails is going to be a huge success in 2017. With this app, you can create nail designs with hundreds of fabulous colors, beauty patterns, and decals. It’s manicure magic for girls who love fashion and nail games!

#5. EWG’s Healthy Living

Khrys Vaughan – a strong-willed, adventurous, & vegan. Author of wicked quips, twisted stories; and collector of red umbrellas – shared with us her favorite app that has blown our mind.

With the Healthy Living app, you can scan or search any product and quickly get product rating, list of actual ingredients that may not appear on the label, allergens, hormonal disruptors, toxicity levels, etc.

And what is your favorite health and beauty app?

Gallery of Top 5 Beauty Apps To Try In 2017