Top 5 Videos Proving the Power of Makeup

Let’s face it — makeup is fun, both to apply and to wear. But let’s not forget: they don’t call it “makeup ARTIST” for nothing. Have a look the sheer talent of these makeup artists transforming either their own or their family members’ faces with the power of makeup.

The Power of MAKEUP! by NikkieTutorials

Nikkie from NikkieTutorials debunks the myth that you can’t love yourself if you love makeup. In this video, she shows us how she can be both extremely glamorous and a natural beauty.


In this inspiring video, Shalom Blac talks about the importance self acceptance and loving yourself. As a victim of a childhood cooking accident that left her face scarred, she explains how her love of makeup does not come from a place of insecurity but from a love of the art form.

3. | The Power Of Makeup | JazzyMina

Jazzy Mina created this video as an homage to how makeup has improved her confidence — with or without it. Jazzy compares a trendy, full-on look to her natural visage.

4. Cousin gets a Stunning Makeover (Almost Twins)

Promise Phan AKA dope2111 does a complete makeover on her cousin, including a hair change! See how she completely transforms:

5. Power of Makeup (Mother-in-law Makeover)

Promise (dope2111) is back again with another makeover, this time for her mother-in-law. She does her hair and makeup for an even more youthful look. Both looks are great, but decide for yourself which one you like the best:

What’s your personal opinion? Are you happy both with or without makeup?

Gallery of Top 5 Videos Proving the Power of Makeup