Top 7 Makeup Styles Every Woman Should Try At Least Once In A Lifetime

Did you know that there are many different makeup style? Today we will discuss the most common makeup styles for every occasion you may have in your life.

#1. Natural Makeup

This is the every day style that women use for a light facial enhancement. Watch amazing natural makeup tutorial:

#2. Evening Makeup

Evening makeup is bold and sexy. While natural makeup is great for everyday looks, evening makeup is right for a night out or a party. Wearing evening makeup at daytime can be regarded as vulgar. So if you are getting ready for a night out with your friends and want to flirt a little bit, watch this simple yet powerful makeup tutorial:

#3. Prom Makeup
Prom makeup is a very special category. It supposed to combine an evening and natural makeup as it’s made for teens! False lashes and glitter eye shadow can do the charm. And here is a pretty cool prom makeup video:

#4. Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup is usually soft and natural looking with a bit of more emphasis on eyes. Here is one of the most popular bridal makeup tutorials:

#5. Anti Aging Makeup

Makeup can do magic! Anti aging makeup helps you hide the wrinkles and other imperfections making you look 10 years younger. Here is my favorite anti aging makeup tutorial:

#6. Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is any makeup that is applied with an airbrush – a professional spray gun. The advantage of airbrush makeup is more precise, long-lasting and flawless coverage. Here is a great example of smokey eye airbrush makeup:

#7. Mineral Makeup

In the past few years, mineral makeup became really popular since it’s less likely to clog pores, and can improve your skin condition if used regularly. The reason for that is nutrients and minerals that are directly applied to the face. Mineral makeup is light, long-lasting, natural, and makes your skin shine! The most popular and affordable mineral foundation is BareMinerals. You can read reviews here. Here is a great example how to apply mineral makeup:

Did we miss something? Share you favorite makeup styles and tutorials i the comment section below!

Gallery of Top 7 Makeup Styles Every Woman Should Try At Least Once In A Lifetime