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Halloween Unicorn Makeup Tutorial

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A Unicorn Story Fairytale Makeup With Michelle Phan Charm Unicorn Makeup Tutorial

Colorful Unicor Makeup Ideas

Unicorn Princess Makeup Best Unicorn Makeup Tutorial

Unicorn Makeup Tutorial

Unicorn makeup tutorial is not as hard as you think! So it’s Halloween and you’re browsing for ideas… or maybe you have a cool unicorn party you’ve been invited to. (Can I come??) Regardless, these colorful unicorn-themed makeup looks will make you stand out from the crowd in a big way.

Additionally, if you have an UD Electric Palette or one of those massive 24 color palettes, this is a great way to show off your artistry.

1. Lady Rainicorn Makeup

Massively successful YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan draws inspiration from Adventure Time in this makeup tutorial. Even if you don’t have a unicorn horn, this rainbow eye look is seriously awesome.

2. A Unicorn Story Fairytale Makeup with Michelle Phan

This time, Michelle Phan creates a glittery blue and gold makeup look using products from her own line, em cosmetics. Watch to see how to get this dewey, otherworldly look:

3. Unicorn Makeup Tutorial by Syntheticcdoll

This luminous tutorial by Rena of Syntheticcdoll showcases a seriously incredible use of glitter and vibrant colors using a mix of both eyeliner pencils and eyeshadows. Peep it here:

4. Unicorn Princess Makeup

This creative tutorial by Maya Mia blew us away. Click play to see how she does this stunning makeup look using pink and purple hues, complete with tiny rhinestones:

5. Halloween Unicorn makeup tutorial!

British YouTuber Tashie Tinks asks us, who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? Answer for yourself after you watch this tutorial on this dramatic, ethereal look.


If you need more ideas before selecting the makeup for you, here is a gallery of images with the best unicorn makeup you can use at any time, so do not hesitate and fill with one of them

Why choose one of these unicorn makeups?

The fashion of the unicorns is a fashion that came to stay and that is present every day, not only in seasons like Halloween, to be part of this trend there is nothing better to wear a unicorn makeup and to have the best in this section you have available the 5 best tutorials to create it.

What kind of unicorn makeup you can find?

There are different types of unicorn makeup, you can find those that have many unicorn-like colors and in which pastel colors predominate and are ideal for both boys and seniors, there are also unicorn make-ups a little more suitable for people slightly larger and in those that prevail slightly darker colors, this last type of makeup is ideal for Halloween parties.

What do you need to get these amazing results?

Now that you have selected the perfect makeup for you you will need some very basic products and to give it the final touch you can even wear the horn characteristic of this fantastic animal. You can find these products at a great price directly on Amazon and take advantage of the offers they have especially for you.



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