Winter Fashion Trends 2016 – 2017: Top Fashion Experts Share Their Must-have Items For This Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and if there’s one season you need to prepare your wardrobe for, this is definitely winter. Top fashion experts have brought together the best outfit ideas and must-have fashion trends for chic winter wardrobe essentials 2016-2017.

Women’s Fashion Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Cristy Guy

cristy-guy_headshot~ I am wardrobe stylist, makeup artist and founder of On the Set Styling, LLC. We specialize in makeup, hair and wardrobe for print, TV, video and live performances.

There is so much to look forward to this winter in regards to fashion!  My top three trends I’m seeing are listed below.

Over Sized Puffer Jacket. Not only are they super comfy and warm but the over sized design is fresh. Because there is not much fit to these, you can enjoy that extra piece of dessert!

Patterned and textured gloves in black and white or pops of color. So great to purchase a couple of pairs to add interest to your winter wardrobe and keep it fresh and fun!

The Military inspired jacket whether a short blazer style or a trench coat inspired by the “official” uniforms. Other options include a remix on the circa 1990’s Rifat Ozbek designs complete with epaulettes, tassels and boned ivory. A revisit to the shearling and leather bomber jacket will be trending as well.

Hillary Bamont

hillarybamont_0731~ Hillary Bamont is a Bay Area fashion blogger and stylist who has a large portfolio of clients in the technology industry who turn to her for fashion forward advice on the latest trends.  She specializes in styling clients of all shapes and sizes and her main focus is to make every woman feel her best through fashion and positive inspiration.  Her blog can be found at which includes regular updates on fashion trends, styling tips and tricks, and inspiration to feel your best, no matter what size you are.

Below are three big winter fashion trends that I’m seeing right now:

Blocked heels. Definitely a 90s vibe coming back with this footwear trend in the form of an almond toe and ankle strap!  Rich jewel tones are hot (think burgundy or Hunter green!)

Athleisure. We are hearing this term a lot lately and it’s hot this fall and winter in the form of jogger pants, snazzy printed sneakers, novelty leggings and soft knits. Comfort is key, but comfort with an edge!

Rich florals. They aren’t just for spring anymore! Florals are blooming everywhere this fall and winter with rich tones introduced such as mustard and burgundy, to name a few.

Tweety Elitou

love~ I am a freelance fashion and beauty writer for several popular online publications that includes xoNEcole, Teen Vogue, and more. I have been in the business of fashion for almost 10 years. I am also a junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Communication with a concentration in Fashion Journalism. You can contact me via Linkedin.

Here are a few boots styles that I think look and feel fabulous on your feet!

Stack Heels. Yes, the stack heel is back and better than ever! Designers heard our aching howling feet and many have created styles that we can walk in for miles. Check out the stack heel boots by BCBG for less than $200.

Slouchy Flats. There is nothing “slouchy” or “flat” about slouchy flats. Whether they have rubber soles or a slight wooden heel, a pair of amazing suede slouch flats will sharpen your look. Check out slouch flats by for less than $100.

UGGS. When in doubt, Ugg it out! Whether you love them or hate them, Ugg boots are comfortable and long-lasting, like a best friend for your feel. There are many different style and colors to choose from so you can find something that you love. Got to to find styles under $200.

BOTTOM LINE: You can be fashionable with fall boots that are amazing to your feet and not damaging to your pockets.

Nthabiseng Mushi

~ Nthabiseng (Thabi) Mushi is a 29 year Creative Director for – a blog that focuses on Fashion, Sports, Travel and the joys of life. Born and Raised in Johannesburg South Africa Thabi is in pursuit of the American dream as a Public Relations sophomore at Montclair State University. Thabi is volunteering for trying to grow the sport in America. She has a full plate but she makes sure that she goes to church on Sundays and as she says it “gets her Jesus on.” 

Fall season just graced us, and if you live in the East Coast it already feels like winter: Winters in the East Coast can be very brutal, and we always need to be prepared for the curveball mother nature may throw at us. This includes fashion lovers and those who love looking good to keep slaying their way through the winter.

Now you may be asking yourselves the question, “what should I wear this winter?” Well there are a few pieces that you may have in your closet and others you may have to invest in. Lets start with what’s on your makeup vanity or in your makeup bag. That 1960’s Twiggy makeup look that incorporates deep browns and black eye shadows with a black cat eye and a dark red lip for a night out with the girls is still in and brings out the fierceness in you that may be hibernating with the winter. Now if you still want to look fierce but not do the whole dramatic look because you’re just going to the mall or the office, stay with the cat eye instead on the deep browns and blacks, go for the beiges and light browns with a nude lip.

Moving to your closet, the camel woolen trench coat will always be a must have, the fact that you can dress it up or down for any occasion makes it one of the staple pieces you want in your closet. It may be cold but replacing your long sleeve basic T with a turtleneck long sleeve bodysuit or for a sexier V-Neck long sleeve body suite wont hurt. Pair that up with a culotte for an office look with those over the knee boots then you have yourself a winning look.

Last but certainly not least, we know that it’s football season, so whether your boyfriend want to drag you to a Giants game or Super Bowl party – look good while rolling your eyes at the television set (if you’re not a sports fan). Faux jacket, faux vests and faux furs will keep you nice and snug, a cute pair of faux leather jeggings and a white pair of Addidas Stan Smiths will make that faux fur part of the party.

PS: Don’t forget that chocker.

Kacie Olson

dscf0949-edit~ I’m the manager and lead personal stylist here at Chelsea’s Boutique – Sioux Falls. I’m so excited to be part of this amazing and empowering team of people. I’m a book lover, coffee addict, and I’m married to my best friend, Brian. I love old Hollywood movies, getting lost in a good book, and traveling.

With temperatures dropping this winter, make sure your style doesn’t drop. Don’t let winter be the time to get lazy with your style. There are many great trends this year to make sure you’ll stay warm and be looking your best.

Turtlenecks under dresses. I love this trend because it’s the perfect way to transition summer and fall dresses into winter. This is a chic look that will have you feeling classy and warm all winter long.


Shearling. Whether it’s on coats, jackets or vests this is a big trend this year and it will be sure to keep you warm and cozy.


Over the knee boots. These tall over the knee boots make quite a statement. Pair with a simple cable knit sweater dress for a warm effortless look.


Velvet. Velvet is making its comeback and I must say as a 90’s child I’m thrilled about this. There are so many different ways you can rock this trend. From dresses to shoes this one’s going to be everywhere.
velvet fashion trend 2017

Belts over Coats. This is another trend that will keep you warm and stylish all winter. Trying adding a belt over one of your longer winter coats for a defined waistline and polished put together look.

Men’s Fashion Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Tom Courcey 

~ Editor at men’s fashion blog The Idle Man.

With Winter just around the corner, it’s about time you started to think of those wardrobe essentials to see you through the season. The great thing about Winter is that you have more options of clothing to play around with, layering becomes an option as well as adding a bit of colour to lift the spirits on a cold Winter’s morning.

Practical Outerwear

We’re not known for our reliable weather, so it’s always best if you keep yourselves prepared for whatever may come, rain or shine. A practical jacket or coat will save the day when you’re caught out in the rain, and brands such as The North Face and Rains are always at the forefront of the most stylish and practical outerwear available.

Staple Jumpers and Sweatshirts

This goes without saying, but being prepared for the cold weather ahead is the best style move you could ever make. Every night, before I go to sleep, I always check the weather for the next day and plan accordingly, and with Winter coming, it’s best to stockpilejumpers and sweatshirts so you can be prepared no matter what the weather!

Stick to classic shapes and colours, especially if your wallet isn’t bottomless. You’ll need to narrow down what jumpers and sweatshirts suit your body and skin tone, as you don’t want to wasted time and money investing in something you’re not going to wear.

A Decent Pair of Jeans

A classic wardrobe staple loved and worn by every man, a good pair of jeans will do you no wrong. With Winter on the horizon, you’ll want to invest in a thicker pair of denim jeans. This means looking at the ounce weight of the denim, a foreign concept to most I should think.

The heavier the denim the thicker the fabric, and what could be better during the colder months than a lovely, thick pair of jeans to keep the warmth in? Brands such as Levi’s Vintage and Edwin are the perfect brands to go to when you’re looking into investing in a pair of jeans, however, they don’t come cheap, so make sure you know exactly which ones you want to go for.

A Good Pair of Boots

A pair of boots will see you through the Winter season with absolute ease. You’ll have to think of the material you’re going for as well, as, for instance, a pair of suede boots probably won’t be your best bet due to the unpredictable weather that we like to encounter.

Go for a pair of leather boots from Dr Marten’s or Hudson, as these will be able to handle any weather you put them through. Teamed with a pair of smart trousers or jeans, they can work wonders for your winter wardrobe this coming season.

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Gallery of Winter Fashion Trends 2016 – 2017: Top Fashion Experts Share Their Must-have Items For This Winter